Why Don’t More Stores Carry Plus Size Clothes?

Clothing stores and retailers have made vast improvements on the quantity and quality of plus size clothing, but as waistbands get larger around the world, some are still finding department stores to be lacking in options. So what does that mean?

While the “average” size woman is becoming larger around the world, there is often a discrepancy in what the plus sizes actually are – making it hard to shop. Though there are a few retailers that specifically sell plus size clothing, shoppers are still finding the selection in department stores and retailers – those who don’t make it a point to advertise plus size clothing – to be lacking. If the size and trends of women are increasingly putting a focus on plus size clothing, then why is it still hard to find fashionable pieces at many favourite stores? Here are a few reasons set forth by BusinessInsider.com –

  • Too much difference in sizes. While the same can be said for regular clothing sizes, it’s actually much harder to find two bodies that fit the same way in a single size. Plus size women begin to develop shapes and curves to the body that they did not deal with before – and since women gain weight differently or experience more volume in some areas and not others, an extra large size for one woman might be too small or big for another woman. As a result, designers are simply using the regular patterns and making them bigger – which in no way offers flattering silhouettes for plus size women.
  • Some women just don’t want to shop for plus sized clothing. Whether it’s because they choose not to or don’t want to, plus size women have often been groomed to deal with a lacking selection of clothes – and they make do with what they have until it needs to be replaced. This causes the inventory to sit at a store – then the store does not order a larger quantity of goods because it simply does not sell. It’s a viscous circle, and no one wins.

Despite the average size of the population growing in clothing sizes, fashion designers and retailers still cater to the smaller sized crowd. Unfortunately, it’s hurting them as it could mean billions of dollars in sales, but it’s also hurting those who want to dress fashionably as they walk down the path of a healthier lifestyle.

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