Plus Size Clothing – The New Normal

Admitted, there are times when you go to the department store looking for a particular clothing item, and you just can’t find something that fits right. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and go a size or two up. Today, plus size clothing is being worn by more body types than ever before. Plus size clothing isn’t what it used to be – designed only for those who were taller, heavier, or bustier than others.

Plus size clothing for men and women today offers a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and designs in clothing. Even petite people can go to plus size clothing departments and find that perfect tunic or sweater to complement an outfit. Plus size clothing is especially beneficial in winter months, as this clothing makes it easier to layer.

In the “old days” plus size clothing departments were relatively small and clothing options were not at all attractive. Today, you may be surprised to find the designers, colors, and fabric choices in a plus sized department.  Go ahead and take a look around.  Plus size clothing today often mimics smaller sizes perfectly. So even if you can’t fit into that size 6 on the rack on the other side of the store, chances are you’ll find the same style, colors and fabrics in that item in the plus size clothing department.

Today, plus size clothing doesn’t carry the stigma that it used to. You’re likely to find several plus size items on “regular” clothing racks in a number of retail and department stores these days. That’s because people want choices. People don’t want to be separated or segregated from the shopping experience just because of their size. Tall women no longer need to feel that they can’t dress as nicely or glamorously as their smaller counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for silk, cotton or a polyester blend, you’ll find the fabrics in the plus size clothing section, and on “regular” racks in department stores today are as broad and varied as other selections available throughout the store. Plus size clothing these days isn’t simply relegated to rayon or polyester. Whether you’re dressing casual or going for glamour, check out the plus size section of your favorite department store to find what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that clothing sizes today differ drastically depending on their point of origin. Don’t worry so much about the size tag, but how a piece of clothing feels and fits.



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