Finding that Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

No matter what size you are, wedding dress shopping can be a stressful time. Whether you have always had your perfect style dress in mind or you are looking at different silhouettes for the first time, wedding dress shopping should be a time where you feel beautiful – but it is hard when you can’t find a dress that fits or flatters your curvy figure. Wedding dress shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so here are a few tips bridal stylists suggest to keep brides feeling confident and beautiful as they look for their once in a lifetime dress:

  • Look for the right fabric. As a curvy bride, you need to find a fabric that flatters your shape and provides structure. You don’t want everything visible to the guests, so a fabric such as satin or taffeta has structure and conceals trouble areas. Ruching, accents, beading and lace all hide imperfections and draw the eye where you want them. Have a lovely hourglass shape? Ruching or ribbed bodice styles flatter and accentuate your body. When in doubt, choose a heavy fabric.
  • Accentuate what you like! Just because you have a plus size figure does not mean you have to look for a dress with sleeves and a turtleneck. Show off what you love! If you have a fabulous décolleté, find a sweetheart neckline or v-neck dress that accentuates the bust without being too obvious. One tip: make sure the neckline isn’t too plunging – it could make your upper body appear rounded and top heavy.
  • Straps make a difference. You will see many brides opting for the strapless look, but it could cause the shoulders to look too wide and exposed with plus sized women. Straps can accentuate the top portion of the dress and even enhance the back, so be open to seeing dresses with elegant lace or satin straps. Make sure that any straps you choose don’t cut into the arm – it will look dreadful! If you love a dress that is strapless, but you want to add straps, be sure to talk to the bridal salon to see if any alterations can be made to the gown – they usually can!

Bridal gown shopping should be fun, but it’s easy to understand why it could be more stressful and frustrating than something to look forward to – try on a variety of styles and choose one that fits and flatters!



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