Finding Plus Size Pants

Whether you wear plus size or petite clothing, one of the hardest articles of clothing to shop for are pants.  For most women, the hardest part about shopping for pants is finding an ideal pair that fits around the waist and is neither too long, nor too short, to wear with a variety of shoes.  Shopping for plus size pants can sometimes be slightly more stressful, especially for women who fall between various sizes.  Don’t let the length of pant determine whether you purchase the clothing or not.  The length can easily be fixed with the help of a tailor, the waistline of the pants should be of the most concern to you as you will be walking, sitting or bending over in the pants —  and you will want a pair that is comfortable and stylish as possible.  There are so many pants styles out there to choose from, and your size shouldn’t dictate what type of pants you like, or wear.

One of the trendiest pants styles out there at the moment are skinny jeans.  If you’re a plus size woman, you might be avoiding trying on these slim fitting pants, but the truth is women of all shapes and sizes look great in these form-fitting jeans.  They hug your curves and when paired with a loose top and provide a balance and proportion without that dreaded boxy look.  The same idea goes for leggings – pairing colored leggings with a lightweight summer dress or something long enough to cover your bottom is a great option.  No matter what size you are, wearing leggings and a top that doesn’t provided enough coverage is always a fashion ‘don’t’.

Straight-legged pants are a classic style that flatters women universally.  Look for pants that have large pockets on the backside and slim pockets in the front to create an ideal look – avoid pants where the pockets stick out from the sides, as it can attract attention to wider hips.  Finally, wide legged trousers balance out wider thighs and hips for proportioned look.  As you can see, no style of jeans or pants is off-limits to plus size women.  It’s all about finding pants that fit your torso and the tailor can fix the length easily.  Look for pants that balance out wider proportions in your upper or lower body, and wear tops that flatter the entire look for a stylish and well-fitted wardrobe.



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