Dressing for Your Figure

Women of all shapes and sizes need to embrace their figure and know how to accentuate certain parts to feel confident and beautiful in any garment. Shopping for plus size clothing has its good and bad points – the good news is, over the last few years plus size clothing has become more mainstream. Since all women aren’t a size two, there are plenty of options in virtually every store or shopping centre to fit a full sized figure. The bad part is, finding clothes that fit and feel great is as much – or more – of a struggle than anyone else shopping.

In an effort to take some of the stress out of shopping for plus sized clothes, follow these general tips to help you find great looking options that look and feel great. It’s important to shop for clothes that fit you beautifully, whether you are a size two or 22 – your confidence and beauty will shine through any outfit. The key to feeling good is looking good, so think about these things the next time you hit the store:

  • Find clothes that flatter your favourite areas. Like your collarbones or the way your calves look? Shopping for v-neck tops or sweaters will show off your favourite areas and draw attention to them – and away from areas you want to minimize. Shorts, skirts or dresses are perfect for showing off a little leg – just keep in mind balancing. If you show leg, don’t show so much on top, and vice versa!
  • Look for the right fabrics. Certain lightweight fabrics, like silk or cotton might look nice, but they don’t have any give – and if you are in between sized or have a small waist and large bust, you might find clothing with this fabric doesn’t fit very well. Also avoid fabrics that are too flowy – they have a tendency to add more bulk.
  • Larger patterns are better. If you want something with a design, look for a larger pattern so it looks more proportional on your body – prints also keep the eye busy and detract from areas you want to minimize.

These are a few common shopping tips for a plus size figure. The key is trying clothes on – you never know how something is really going to look until you try it on. Alterations are also essential – unless it’s custom made, clothes off the rack rarely look exceptional on anyone.



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