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Plus Size Clothing is a brand new website catering to the needs of Australia’s fuller figured women.  We don’t think that you should have to compromise on clothing or the latest fashion just because you don’t fit the ‘standard mold’.  Thankfully many designers and retailers are beginning to agree so we decided to put together this website to put you in touch with the best of these plus size clothing outlets.  Enjoy!

Fashion is not just for the skinny. Instead, full figured women can now find great plus size clothing options, too. The key, of course, is to be confident and explore one’s options. Plus size clothing fashion is becoming more and more popular and well known because women are becoming more comfortable with their bodies. The following are some tips for how to explore this part of the fashion world to look and feel one’s best.

One of the best pieces of advice a person can follow is to know one’s body type. Everybody has a distinct shape. Some people have a pear shape whereas others are straighter. Different types of bodies look better with different types of clothing. For example, a pear shape is accentuated with an empire waist dress or a-line skirt.

Next, it is important to find clothing that fits. Often, fuller figure people wear clothing that is too large for them. Instead, one should celebrate their curves with quality plus size clothing that fits right. This is a great way to draw attention to areas that people love: necklines, legs, or busts, among other parts. This doesn’t mean that people should wear too tight clothes, either. The only flattering looks are those that suit one’s shape and size. Thus, only clothes that fit just right work.

Plus size clothing and fashion is not just about wearing black. Instead, people should experiment with colour and accessories. The right belt, jewelry, and colors can really brighten up an outfit and make a person feel good about him or herself. This means taking into account a person’s skin color, interests, and style. Funky bold belts or classic silver jewelry can exist in the same closet. Interested individuals should go into stores and pay attention to what catches their eye.

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